We welcome you to the 2011 Oktoberfest!  Now before you think “oh just another 5k” wait and listen because this is like no other 5k you have or haven’t ran.  The 5k will consist of three 1 mile laps around Kiwanis Park.  Each lap you will have the great opportunity to chug a root beer before continuing on.  Can you hold it down? After the race there will be a night filled with adventure and challenge.   This is a 5k that’s meant for all groups of people from the runner to the eater.  Live bands from the valley will be performing to set the mood for a night of wholesome family fun.  Along with the running and the drinking and the running and the drinking and the running and the drinking… there will be a series of fun contests for the brave of heart.  We will have a three legged race, a wheelbarrow race, a best lederhosen costume contest, a glorious root beer chugging contest, and a legendary hot dog eating slam.  Do you have what it takes to become a champion?

unlike anything you’ve run or not run before

Run, Drink, Run, Drink, Run